Harassment Free NC is a movement — a tangible cultural shift — sweeping across our state and redefining expectations around how communities respond to and prevent sexual harassment. Harassment Free NC uniquely collaborates with businesses to create and maintain a culture free from sexual harassment. Join us.

Why Be Harassment Free? 

Interested in increased workplace morale and productivity? Growth in positive reputation? Protection from expensive litigation? Saving thousands on employee turnover? Working someplace you’re treated respectfully? Feeling safe at the place you spend a majority of your time? Just doing the right thing? So. many. reasons.

Why Now? 

Sexual harassment awareness has reached a tipping point in the United States. Every single day there is news of a different person, company, or industry neglecting to protect individuals from inappropriate sexual conduct. As a nation, our tolerance for sexual harassment is plummeting and our expectations for professional work environments are soaring. It’s time.

Why North Carolina? 

We love North Carolina and its potential. We are raising our kids here, and we want to contribute our part in putting NC on the map as a great place to live, work, and learn — a place where community is strong, respect is the norm, and all feel welcome.


Achieving optimal and sustainable outcomes requires involvement from all levels of the business and from the community. To this end, HFNC guidance offers a holistic and research-based, four-pronged approach: 

1) Policy & Infrastructure Review
A clear policy prohibiting inappropriate sexual conduct and outlining reporting and response protocols is critical for preventing and addressing sexual harassment. In addition, an infrastructure review will assist in identifying barriers to success specific to your establishment.

2) Climate Assessment
A confidential opportunity to provide feedback to an independent and neutral expert provides invaluable information on what is going well for your establishment as well as what adjustments can be made to improve the workplace culture.

3) Owner, Management and Staff Training
Increased awareness and understanding of the complex issues around sexual violence, including skill building and development, will empower staff members and establishment leaders to create and maintain a respectful climate. Structured and custom training opportunities available.   

4) Process and Impact Evaluation
Thoughtful and intentional assessment of measures taken to advance goals will identify areas of success, strategies to enhance, and persisting challenges.

Upcoming Events and Trainings

Stay tuned for registration information for staff and management virtual training opportunities. If your organization has an immediate need, please contact us at

Our Team

Amy Circosta, Co-Founder

Amy is a passionate advocate for equity and just processes. Using her legal background and civil rights compliance experience, Amy leads Seven & Nine Consulting in advising conscientious employers on how to optimize equal opportunity to create and maintain exemplary workplaces.

Juliette Grimmett, Co-Founder

Juliette has over 25 years of professional experience creating and implementing interactive sexual violence prevention and response programs that call people to action.  She serves as the Sexual Assault Victim Policy Strategist for the NC Department of Justice as part of the DOJ-funded Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) grant and as Founder of Chrysalis Network. She is a fierce advocate for survivors, holding offenders accountable, and dismantling all forms of oppression.

Our Training Philosophy

Harassment Free NC respects the knowledge and perspective of every participant and works to create a learning environment that honors their experiences and varying learning styles. HFNC believes in co-learning where participants and facilitators share and learn from each other. Through individual, small, and large group activities, participants will have the opportunity to fully engage themselves in learning. HFNC believes strongly that the eradication of sexual harassment cannot occur without the elimination of all forms of oppression including sexism, heterosexism, racism, and classism. HFNC’s work stems from this foundation and will be incorporated into all workshops and trainings.

Our Approach

HFNC believes:
1) The eradication of sexual harassment cannot occur without the elimination of all forms of oppression. HFNC’s work stems from this foundation, and this belief will be incorporated into all guidance and educational programs.

2) The only way to stop victimization is by preventing perpetration. Consequently, HFNC employs a primary prevention approach to sexual harassment.

3) Achieving optimal and sustainable outcomes requires involvement from all levels of the community, working both together and contemporaneously to end sexual harassment. To this end, HFNC guidance is holistic and research-based.

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